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Juliana Marko: Empowering Tanzania Through Tech and Education

Juliana Marko, an engineer from Tanzania, is honored as one of the 50 leading ladies in Tech-Africa for 2023, for her work in tech education and empowering young women, training hundreds in ESD and leading anti-violence campaign.

Engineer Juliana Marko, from Tanzania, has just been named one of the 50 leading ladies in Tech- Africa for the year 2023 (people who inspire and empower young women in tech).

It is worthy to note that Juliana was one of the ESD Instructors trained in Rwanda last year and since her training, she has combined teaching ESD with her tech work. So far, Engr Marko has trained 415 primary school students, 135 secondary school students and 10 University students in ESD, in collaboration with the local NGO 'Our Voice Against Harassment'. She also trained 43 young women who volunteered in the free and National campaign to end violence (Smaujata) as their Vice Chairperson of Smaujata in Dar es salaam region in ESD.

Apart from teaching in person, Julie has taught Empowerment Self Defense in two radio stations in Tanzania and has periodic question and answer sessions about ESD on social media.Julie deserves this honour as one of the 50 leading ladies in Tech-Africa; please, let's celebrate her.Follow Juliana on social media @ovahtanzania

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