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Empowerment Self Defense: Kassoum Coulibali's Journey to Empower Mining Communities in West Africa

Kassoum Coulibali, a leading advocate for empowerment self-defense in West Africa, is spearheading a transformative initiative to empower mining communities, particularly women and youth, through education and training.

Kassoum Coulibali from Mali kick-started his ESD work today with teaching on 'The Importance of Empowerment Self Defense in Host Mining Communities at the Grassroot Level' .

Kassoum who is the ED of the Africa Development Group ADG, as well as the Africa Global Gender Academy AGGA, was one of the lead speakers at the just concluded conference for miners in West Africa, INDABA 2023. He noted that the knowledge of how to defend oneself would go a long way to helping women miners and youths stand up for themselves in the face of oppression.

At the end of his presentation, Kassoum's recommendation was accepted by the general house. 2024 would see miners across West Africa receiving training on Empowerment Self Defense. What a great way to start of his journey of violence prevention through empowerment self defense.

Kassoum would also be hosting his first online teaching classes for 5weeks starting from the end of December.

Way to go!

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