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Empowering Girls: Dr. Costly Aderigbe's Impactful Journey with ESD in Nigeria"

Feb 16, 2024

Dr. Costly Aderigbe, a distinguished Nigerian medical professional and founder of the 'Value Female Network,' has been a driving force in empowering adolescent girls across Nigeria with Empowerment Self Defense (ESD) knowledge, organizing impactful training sessions and events while tirelessly advocating against female genital mutilation.

Empowering Communities: Dr. Chiemezie Atama's Success with ESD Training in Nsukka, Nigeria

Feb 16, 2024

Dr. Chiemezie Atama's successful organization of a train-the-trainers Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) programme at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, under her organization 'Equity Watch Initiative', marks a significant step towards empowering communities through comprehensive training in essential life skills and gender advocacy.

Juliana Marko: Empowering Tanzania Through Tech and Education

Feb 16, 2024

Juliana Marko, an engineer from Tanzania, is honored as one of the 50 leading ladies in Tech-Africa for 2023, for her work in tech education and empowering young women, training hundreds in ESD and leading anti-violence campaign.

Empowering Futures: Eti-eno Ntuk's Journey from Nigeria to Global ESD Advocate

Feb 16, 2024

Eti-eno, founder of 'SEE with Eti-eno,' trained in Empowerment Self Defense in Rwanda in 2022 and brought ESD to Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. She co-formed 'Fulma' to teach Self Defense, won an award at the 'shaping the future conference,' and is inspired by Yudit Sidikman to make a positive impact. Eno also authored a forthcoming book on empowerment self defense for kids, making 2024 a promising year for her impactful work.

Empowerment Self Defense: Kassoum Coulibali's Journey to Empower Mining Communities in West Africa

Feb 16, 2024

Kassoum Coulibali, a leading advocate for empowerment self-defense in West Africa, is spearheading a transformative initiative to empower mining communities, particularly women and youth, through education and training.

Empowerment Self Defense Champion: Tunu Nawal Waziri Achieves ESDP Title

Feb 16, 2024

Tunu Nawal Waziri joins the holders of the 'ESDP' title after successfully passing the credentialing exam.

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