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Empowering Futures: Eti-eno Ntuk's Journey from Nigeria to Global ESD Advocate

Eti-eno, founder of 'SEE with Eti-eno,' trained in Empowerment Self Defense in Rwanda in 2022 and brought ESD to Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. She co-formed 'Fulma' to teach Self Defense, won an award at the 'shaping the future conference,' and is inspired by Yudit Sidikman to make a positive impact. Eno also authored a forthcoming book on empowerment self defense for kids, making 2024 a promising year for her impactful work.

Eti-eno’ which focuses on educating the minds and hearts of kids, teenagers, and young adults, helping them build their self-confidence, were trained in Empowerment Self-Defense in Rwanda in 2022.

Since the training, she has taught ESD to her Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria community. Eno recently co-formed a new organization ‘Fulma’ that would focus on teaching Self Defense and, with this organization, made a pitch on ‘the importance of self-defense in our world’ during the ‘shaping the future conference’ held in Enugu state, Nigeria organized by the ‘Boys Champion’ organization and out of the 624 applicants, was one of the three winners selected for the award.

She says this award is a huge motivation for her to follow in Yudit Sidikman's footsteps and positively impact the world.

Eno has also written a book on empowerment self-defense for kids, which is set to be published soon.

2024 is already looking great!

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