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Yehudit Zicklin-Sidikman

President and Founder

Yehudit (Yudit) Zicklin-Sidikman, Founder and President of ESD Global Inc. – a US non-profit organization, is a thought leader, speaker, and educator on Empowerment Self-Defense (ESD) with over 20 years of experience in the field. She is a fourth-degree black belt in Judo and holds an MBA with a background in psychology.

Yudit is committed to making Empowerment Self-Defense training, a proven Violence Prevention Education program, accessible worldwide. She is also co-founder and CEO of El HaLev, an award-winning Israeli non-profit organization dedicated to providing Empowerment Self-Defense and martial arts training to thousands of women and girls, that has reached over 80,000 people, and is the director of IMPACT Self-Defense in Israel.

In 2019, El HaLev received Consultative Status with UN ECOSOC (United Nations Economic and Social Council), in recognition of its authority as an expert resource.
A speaker on all that is Empowerment Self-Defense, Yehudit regularly presents at international conferences on the importance of bringing ESD to all women and girls, as well as men and boys.

In February 2020, Yudit spearheaded the very first International Violence Prevention Education Conference, which took place at El HaLev. The conference was an opportunity for experts in a variety of fields to collaborate on developing methods of primary prevention in which education is key.

Her many past appearances include an ESD workshop at the Girl Up Leadership Summit, a speech at the 3rd Annual Conference on Domestic Violence in Oslo, Norway, entitled “The Role of Empowerment Self-Defense as a Method of Sexual and Domestic Violence Prevention,” and a panel discussion at the 2018 Women Moving Millions Summit.

In the role of executive producer, Yehudit partnered with author Ellen Snortland in the production of the documentary “Beauty Bites Beast," a provocative call for women to take charge of their bodies and learn Empowerment Self-Defense. 

Yudit was also instrumental in bringing the Every Woman Treaty to Israel for a ceremonial signing.
She has won various awards, including the Israeli Ministry of Social Equality’s award for prevention of violence against women, the Colleen Gragen Award of Inspiration by the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation, Jerusalem Woman of the Year (WIZO) award, the Woman of Valour Award from the Ambassadors' Club of Israel and she was counted among Nashim Magazine’s top 50 women in Israel.
Yudit’s work to eradicate violence against women - one of the world’s largest health issues - revolves around Violence Prevention Education. Under her leadership, ESD Global and El Halev have trained thousands of people, including women, children, and other vulnerable populations in Empowerment Self-Defense.


Dr. Gal Harmat

Board Member, Secretary

Dr. Gal Harmat holds a PhD in Gender Analysis of Peace Education and Dialogue encounters from Nitra University (Slovakia) and a M.A. in Gender and Peacebuilding from the UN-Mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica. She was a resident professor at the Gender and Peace Building Programme, and the head of the Dept. of Peace and Conflict Studies at UPEACE. Dr. Harmat is senior gender adviser to peace mediation processes and human rights organizations. She was a lecturer at the conflict transformation, peace education and gender and Co-Director of the Social Justice and Peace Education Teachers Training Program, Kibbutzim Teachers College in Tel Aviv, Israel. She is teaching in the World Peace Academy (University of Basel), UN University for Peace, and the Arts and Social Change College in Israel.

As a Gender and Peace Education Specialist, she has extensive experience in training, conflict analysis, dialogue facilitation, capacity building, peace education, research, gender empowerment and gender mainstreaming since 1998 in various countries in Eastern Europe, Africa, and West and South East Asia. Her consultancies include intergovernmental organizations (e.g. OSCE, UN Women, UNDP, Swiss Peace and the Council of Europe), and various international and regional NGOs (e.g. Non Violent Peace Force, Friends of the Earth Middle East; Peres Centre for Peace).

In the last few years she researches emancipating educational practices and facilitating experiential learning ‘sexual harassment prevention’ and diversity workshops for organizations and companies.


Beth Capotosto is the Program Director for ESD Global, an ESD Global Instructor Training Alumni and Master Instructor. She is a Shodan in the art of Shaolin Kempo Karate and is an enthusiastic martial arts instructor at her local Dojo. As an educator she has taught for over 20 years and in 2011, decided to focus her teaching exclusively in the martial arts and Empowerment Self-Defense. When not at ESD Global, Beth works as an Empowerment Self-Defense Consultant in the Greater Boston area through her program Tenacity: Women’s Self-Defense.


In addition to receiving Empowerment Self-Defense training through ESD Global, she actively trains each year with the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation (NWMAF) for Martial Arts and Empowerment Self-Defense certification. She holds memberships with both NWMAF and the Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors (AWMAI).

Beth Capotosto

Program Director


Aude Mulliez is our Latin American and Caribbean Programs Coordinator focusing on Latin America and the Caribbean, and African regions. She is passionate and driven by grassroots and community led initiatives and thoroughly enjoys being able to connect and support women led initiatives.


For the last 12 years, she has had the privilege of learning from women in West Africa, Haiti and Central and South America. Though she is not a martial artist (she does love a good kickboxing exercise class), she received a Masters in International Peace Studies, with a focus on Gender and Peacebuilding from the University for Peace. She is also a certified Class V White Water raft guide. 


She first heard of Empowerment Self Defense from a Trans-rights activist in Costa Rica and proceeded to find Yudit through her networks and be trained as an Instructor at the first ESDG Instructor Training in 2017. She has been motivated ever since to share these tools and the opportunity to become an instructor with her communities and other experts in Gender Based Violence and Empowerment. Accordingly,  Aude coordinated the first Latin American and Caribbean Instructor Training in 2019 in Costa Rica for 18 women from 8 different LAC countries. She is very excited for the next opportunities!

Aude Mulliez

Latin America and Caribbean Programs Coordinator 


Clara Porter, MSW has over 20 years of experience in the field of violence prevention. She is the founder of Prevention. Action. Change. (PAC) a violence prevention, intervention, and response program in Portland, Maine. Her work is grounded in Empowerment Self Defense, a feminist approach to safety training which incorporates awareness, verbal and physical skills, community change, and healing.


Clara has extensive experience in campus-based issues and Title IX compliance and is co-author of a chapter on the subject in Eliminating Gender-based Violence published by Routledge in 2017. She is certified in Empowerment Self Defense with the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation and Center for Antiviolence Education and in Advanced Trauma First Aide.

Clara Porter, MSW

Mentorship Coordinator


Raquel Green is a mind-reading, colorcoding, banner-waving, cape-wearing Shero who uses her superpowers to drive community causes forward. She is an administrative professional with over ten years of experience.

Raquel brings to ESD Global a history of volunteer work that has deepened her commitment to improving the futures of women and families in underpriviledged, underserved communities. She is excited about making a real impact in people's lives and is eager to help develop and broaden programming which will transform the lives of women and girls. She is committed to empowering others.

Raquel Greene

Office Manager


Federica Lacava is an intersectional feminist and Gender scholar, with professional working experience in development and humanitarian contexts across Africa, Latin America and South Asia. Her areas of expertise include resource mobilization, policy analysis and project development and management in the programmatic areas of women economic empowerment, SGBV, migration, food security and HIV/AIDS. She is also an ESD Global Level 1 Women Self Defense instructor working as the Regional Coordinator for Africa to bring empowerment through self-defense across the continent.

Federica Lacava

Africa & Europe Regional Coordinator


Bayan Jaber is a digital media marketing professional with over 5 years of experience in different industries: Healthcare, Education, & Research. She holds a Master's Degree in Global Journalism from the University of Sheffield and a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature as well as a Diploma in Media and Communication. Bayan has lived in Gabon, Lebanon, the UK, Austria and the US.

Prior to joining ESD Global, Bayan was the digital media coordinator at Global Smile Foundation, a non-profit offering free comprehensive cleft care to patients born with cleft lip and palate in underserved communities around the world. Her role allowed her to work with patients in Salvador, Ecuador, Peru and Lebanon. Bayan is dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives and is particularly passionate about empowering women worldwide and preventing gender-based violence.

Bayan Jaber

Social Media & Communications Manager


Rachel Collins is an empowerment-self-defense instructor based in the Pacific Northwest United States, and has been teaching verbal and physical self-defense to youth and adults since 2013. She brings a background in sexual assault and domestic violence advocacy and crisis response, community health education, and grassroots organizing to her ESD Global staff role, gained over ten years experience in social justice and nonprofit work. Rachel is a graduate of the 2019 ESD Global Instructor training program, the 2020 ESD Global Master Instructor training program, and an enthusiastic student of martial arts and combat sports with focus on Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Krav Maga.

Rachel Collins

Member Resources Manager

Nina Wennink is an empowerment coach, Krav Maga instructor, social entrepeneur and all-rounder with an international background and a passion for people, culture and interpersonal communication. She has an academic background in Language & Literature and Political Science, and have a professional background in financial services, start-up management and education. Her aim is to contribute to social change through education, and she believes that self defense should be available to every child and teenager. As an alumni of the Leadership Development Programme provided by the organisation Teach for Belgium, she has kickstarted projects such as Audace Bxl, teaching ESD in high schools. Her goal in life is to contribute to social change by enabling people locally and gobally to define and stand up for what they find important, while building connections across differences (cultural, political, religious, etc) through interpersonal communication. Nina is a graduate of the 2019 ESD Global Instructor training program and the 2020 ESD Global Master Instructor training program.

Nina Wennink

Program Assistant


Maeve Porter Holliday is the Media & Communications Assistant for ESD Global and an ESD Global Level 1 graduate. With ESD Global, she mainly assists with social media, the library projects, logging, editing and translating clips from the ESDG community. Maeve teaches Empowerment Self-Defense through Prevention. Action. Change in Portland, ME and has been teaching ESD in different capacities for 10 years. Maeve grounds her work in intersectional feminism and mediation and strives towards making ESD even more inclusive in its goal to end gender-based violence.  

Maeve has a BA in Anthropology from Smith College and has a background in documentary filmmaking. She is proficient in Spanish and utilizes this in her video work for ESD Global as well as in volunteering at a local non-profit.  


Maeve Porter Holliday

Media & Communications Assistant

Sarah MacArthur is an entrepreneur and a former Executive Director of Impact Personal Safety of Colorado. She is currently managing the Violence Prevention Education Conference in 2021 sponsored by ESD Global and El HaLev. She is an ESD Global Level 1 graduate and spent 10 years in Empowerment Self Defense with Impact Personal Safety of Colorado as an assistant and a Certified Instructor. Sarah is a public speaker and published author with a passion to empower women around the world through Empowerment Self Defense and other healing modalities.


Sarah MacArthur

VPEC 2021 Coordinator


Arlene Limas

Advisory Group Member

Arlene Limas has won every major Taekwondo competition in the world, including the World Championships and the Olympic Games. She is an inductee in numerous halls of fame and holds many other accolades. 


As a coach, Arlene has been regarded as one of the top coaches in the United States and arguably, the world. Motivated by how sports have shaped her life and empowered her, she is committed to empowering others and is a fierce athletes rights advocate. Arlene has been committed to giving athletes life-changing sporting opportunities that are safe, inclusive, and predator-free. 

In addition, she has been and is committed to the Olympic movement. She serves as the current National Capital Area Olympic alumni president, and has served in a leadership capacity on the DC 2012 and Chicago 2016 Games Bid efforts. 


Arlene is very excited about the opportunity to share and shape the curriculum of empowerment self-defense programs available to all elite athletes and prepare and empower them at the highest levels.


Meg Stone is the Executive Director of IMPACT Boston, an abuse prevention and empowerment self-defense organization that is an affiliate of the disability service and advocacy organization Triangle. In addition to leading self-defense and abuse prevention programs for many communities, she serves as the Project Director of IMPACT:Ability, an abuse prevention program focused on people with disabilities. In this capacity she leads the organizational abuse prevention efforts in schools and disability service organizations.


Meg served as a member of the Massachusetts State Sexual Violence Prevention Team, and the chair of the Team’s Developmental Disabilities subcommittee. She has presented about abuse prevention in disability communities and self-defense training at local and national conferences including the National Sexual Assault Conference, the National Adult Protective Services Association Conference, the Massachusetts Citizens for Children Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Summit, and the International Conference of the Trauma Center.


Meg’s writing on issues of sexual violence and self-defense have been published in the Washington Post, STIR Journal, The Establishment, Role Reboot, Ms., Cognoscenti, and several Boston-area regional newspapers.

Meg Stone

Advisory Group Member


Julie Harmon

Advisory Group Member

Julie Harmon PhD is Executive Director of IMPACT Safety, a Columbus based personal safety and violence prevention organization with affiliates across the United States as well as Canada, London, and Israel.  For the past 30 years she has been involved in many aspects of anti-violence programming; from organizational and agency safety policy development to the development of skill based personal safety curriculum and programming implementation.

Julie has an extensive background in psychology, chemical dependency, counseling and training. She has spent more than 30 years addressing the complexity of issues related to personal violence and personal safety. She co-owned a martial arts school for women and children for 11 years, consulted with the National Institute of Corrections, and worked in the public and private mental health system,prior to IMPACT.

She excels in adapting and developing curriculum designed to meet the interpersonal needs of a wide range of groups - from children to adults - to those with special behavioral and cognitive needs to those recovering from trauma. She has overseen the growth of the organization from its inception in 1993.

She is Treasurer of IMPACT International, a network of IMPACT chapters across the world. She has trained staff and communities in various approaches to addressing interpersonal safety; both emotional, physical, organizational and systemic, across the United States, in Mexico and Israel.


Lisa Gaeta

Advisory Group Member

Lisa Gaeta was raised in Southern California and attended college at California Lutheran University, graduating with a BA in Communications and Political Science, and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. After graduating, she took a position at Cal Lutheran teaching Public Speaking and served as Faculty Advisor for the University radio station, KCRL.

Half-way through her master’s program in 1984, Lisa took her first IMPACT class. From her first heel-palm, she knew she was hooked and her career plans changed drastically! She and her partner at the time, Al Potash, started what is now IMPACT Personal Safety, SoCal in 1985. Lisa, along with the various teams she has worked with over the decades, has made considerable changes and developments to the original program. Most notably, changes and additions to the verbal strategies that are taught in most IMPACT programs. She continues to encourage course development and improvement from her staff.

Lisa has been a driving force in keeping IMPACT alive in Southern California and all over the United States. She has trained hundreds of instructors around the world to teach IMPACT and has taught thousands of women, children, and men how to live their lives more safely…and, well, she taught them to kick ass, too!

Lisa currently serves as CEO of IMPACT Personal Safety, SoCal. She also continues to train new instructors and teach classes. During the school year, she teaches daily at various high schools around the Los Angeles area.


Ellen Snortland’s work has been featured on NPR and Dateline NBC. Her TEDxPasadena talk encapsulates decades of her self-defense advocacy. A long time women’s rights advocate, she has had a column in the Pasadena Weekly for decades. Her acclaimed one woman show, “Now That She’s Gone” is a memoir about growing up Norwegian American in Colorado and South Dakota staged at the Edinburgh and New York Fringe festivals. Snortland has attended United Nations world conferences and annual UN meetings as an NGO delegate, self-defense advocate and UN Press Corps credentialed journalist. “Beauty Bites Beast”, a full length documentary feature based on her self-defense advocacy has screened all over the world including New York, Islamabad and Jerusalem.

Ellen Snortland

Advisory Group Member


Wendi Dragonfire (9th dan, Shuri Ryu karate; 2nd-degree black belt, Modern Arnis) is an internationally recognized teacher, trainer, consultant and writer on martial arts, self-defense, empowerment, and women’s and LGBTQ issues. She also practices Healing Touch, a form of energy-based therapy.

In 1984, Dragonfire was invited by Kenau (an organization funded by the Health and Sports Ministry to teach women to teach self-defense) along with three other Dutch organizations to move to the Netherlands to provide information and training that was otherwise not available in Europe. Since then, Dragonfire has been providing training throughout Western Europe and is often asked to provide teacher training.

Dragonfire currently teaches karate and self-defense seminars and has been a senior advisor to El HaLev in Israel since its inception. A founder of the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation (NWMAF), her passion for teaching and excellence touch not only other martial artists but everyone, including people with disabilities who want to live more empowered, safer lives.

In addition, she teaches Prevention and Safety for Healthcare Professionals and Intercultural, Social, Physical and Mental Empowerment.

Wendi Dragonfire

Advisory Group Member


Sheila Watson holds a 3rd dan black belt in Ch’ang-Hon Taekwon-Do.  She trains and teaches at Sandalwood Martial Arts in Victoria, BC Canada and is head of their Community Self-Defense program.  Ms. Watson works primarily in the local high schools, teaching students a variety of physical, verbal and emotional defense strategies.

Sheila Watson

ESD Assessment Coordinator & Advisory Group Member


Antonella Spatola is a certified Kung Fu instructor at her school Intuitive Wing Chun Kung Fu. Ms. Spatola has B.A. in psychology, is a professional mediator in conflict resolution, cofounder of Modern Wisdom, a training organization providing insights into how you think, feel and behave based on your neuropsychology.


She has her Level 1 accreditation in Empowerment Self Defence and trains women and girls with a holistic approach in a safe environment. Her instruction provides tools and practice for the students to protect themselves emotionally, verbally and physically, should the need arise.


Recently back from New York and London to develop her skills in ESD, Antonella is dedicated and passionate about unifying the principles of martial arts, ESD, positive psychology, neuro programming, and meditation. Antonella also coaches and mentors through transformative and profiling techniques to give empowering insights so clients step up and make inspiring changes in their lives.

Antonella Spatola

Advisory Group Member


Anat Errel

Advisory Group Member

Anat Errel was born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel. Anat has been practicing and teaching martial arts for over 36 years, most of them
specializing in Chinese internal martial arts, taiji quan and bagua zhang. Between 2003 and 2008, Anat studied in Taiwan with master Luo Dexiu, one of the best internal martial arts teachers in the world.


After returning to Israel in the beginning of 2009, Anat joined El HaLev and became an ESD instructor, gradually specializing in teaching women at risk, such as women who experience domestic violence, sex workers and substance abusers in rehab programs, as well as women from Israel’s Arab society and other minorities. Anat has developed and taught designated ESD courses for transsexuals, and worked with asylum seekers in Israel. 


In 2018, in cooperation with the Starfish organization from Lesvos, Greece, Anat went to Lesvos to teach ESD to refugees from Moria camp and volunteers who worked with them. The participants came from 16 different countries. In 2019, ESDG cooperated with Starfish organization which hosted a Level 1 instructor course on Lesvos. Anat, together with another El HaLev instructor, taught the course to women from seven countries. Anat will also teach the Level 1 course at the Violence Prevention conference in Israel, 2020.

Anat has written several guidelines on teaching ESD to Women experiencing domestic violence; transsexuals; and women who have survived prostitution.


Sarah Gordon Lavine is a senior ESD and martial arts instructor at El Ha Lev in Jerusalem, Israel. She is a Black Belt in kung fu from Five Element Martial Arts, training under Shifu/Sensei Kore Grate in Minneapolis, MN. In addition, she has a B.A. in Biology from Colorado
College and is a licensed practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine from Reidman College of Complimentary Medicine in Jerusalem.


Ms. Gordon Lavine is an ESD Global instructor and mentor and has taught the Level 1 Instructor training course in Huguenot, N.Y. for the past two years.

Sarah began learning and teaching ESD in 1997, when she started her training at Five Element Martial Arts in Minneapolis. After moving to Israel in 2003, she looked for a way to continue training in self defense and Martial arts and found her place at El Ha Lev. She completed the El Ha Lev teacher training course in 2013 and has been teaching and
empowering women, teens and children in Israel and abroad ever since.

Sarah Lavine

Advisory Group Member


Yasmina Benslimane is from Morocco but considers herself a world citizen as she lived in six countries. She holds a BA in Political Science from Saint Louis University and a MA in International Law and the Settlement of Disputes from UPEACE. She is passionate about Human Rights, in particular gender and migration issues. Back in 2017, she founded @politics4her to advocate for women’s rights and encourage active participation in civil society. Her professional experiences include non-profit work as well as UN agencies such as UNESCO, IOM, UNHCR. She is supporting ESD Global's work in Latin America and the Caribbean particularly in communications and work with refugee populations.

Luis Jimenez Luis Jimenez graduated with a Bachelor´s degree in International Relations in 2009, with a specialization in International Trade, after participating in an exchange program at East Carolina University in the U.S. in 2007, along with completing university courses in Anthropology. 

Luis participated in international programs such as Sweden World Youth (2006), One Young World in Zurich (2011), Ship for World Youth Leaders in Japan (2017), Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (2017) and Changemakers, Trust Conference, Thompson Reuters (2019). After being elected President of the Scout Youth National Council and prior to being nominated to become a World Youth Advisor for the World Scout Organization., he started working with volunteer programs and international cooperation projects in 2007.


In 2009, he started freelancing as a workshop facilitator and group leader. Shortly after in in 2010, he worked as an interpreter, leader of volunteers and as Community Outreach Coordinator for a non-profit. From 2013 to 2016 Luis became an Administrative Assistant and Accounting Manager for the Embassy of Chile in Costa Rica. In 2017, Crece Costa Rica a project with homeless people and recycling and two other initiatives have taking most of his time, meanwhile developing projects and working as a consultant. 


Luis is currently finishing his Master's Degree program in Responsible Management and Sustainable Economic Development at University for Peace. 

Joy Muthanje Mwaniki is a development practitioner with two Master’s Degrees in Development studies and Development management. She is passionate about working on development interventions that improve quality of life for their beneficiaries. She also enjoys conducting research and developing concrete solutions to development problems.

Eimar Breslin is a Research and Resource Mobilization Intern focusing on Western and Central Europe. She is currently undertaking a master’s degree at University College Dublin (UCD) in Peace and Conflict Studies.  Eimar was born in Belgium where I attended the European School of Brussels II until she received her European Baccalaureate. She then moved to Dublin to pursue my undergraduate degree in Dublin. She had the incredible chance to study abroad for one year at the George Washington University in Washington DC.  

From the time Eimear was young, her ambition in life has been to make a difference and leave an impact on our world. Her aspiration to be a part of a movement such as ESD Global is firmly rooted in her interest in world events and with her desire to help others. Eimear’s studies have provided her a better understanding of issues concerning peace and conflict that have been vital in understanding more broad issues of war, peace, and conflict resolution. The program has allowed her to write on issues surrounding international peace and security, social justice, human rights, and gender equality.


During her time at university, she was involved with the start-up of a student-led organization that helped educate students on issues of consent. The group continues to spread awareness of consent around campus. Eimear feels extremely honored to intern for ESD Global and support them in their mission. 

Rachana Chetha is an M.A. student in Media and Peace program at the UN-mandated University for Peace (UPeace). She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relation from Royal University of Phnom Penh in Cambodia. She has work experiences in both public sector and NGO field. Prior to UPeace, she worked for an international non-governmental organization named Oxfam in Cambodia for almost two years where she exposed herself to a work environment consisting of various programs such as humanitarian, environment, gender, social protection, and social development. Her field of interests include women empowerment, peacebuilding, and communication.

Clara Paik is an intern with ESD Global focusing on Research and Resource Mobilization for the North American region. She graduated from the University for Peace with a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies with a specialization in Gender and Peacebuilding in 2017. Since then, she has been working in the international development field tackling gender issues and empowering women and girls. With her previous work as an ESD trainer with No Means No Worldwide and seeing firsthand what ESD can do for women and girls, Clara is excited and committed in working towards ESD Global's mission in establishing ESD as s key primary violence prevention strategy. 

Brett Boren is ESD Global’s Research and Research Mobilization intern for Southeast Asia.  He is passionate about creating community partnerships and grassroots organizing.  He received his Bachelor's of Arts from University of Oregon in International Studies, with a focus on anti and post-colonial Africa.  Though he is not a martial artist, he does casually enjoy boxing and krav maga. 

Tadiwanashe Christabel Mateta is a recent international development graduate from Zimbabwe whose area of interest is gender and development. She is passionate about gender equality and strongly believes in ensuring the safety of women across the globe. Her hobbies are blogging, singing and reading. 

Antonella Cariello is a SOGI expert and researcher. She holds a MA in International Cooperation and Protection of Human Rights. In her previous experiences, she has worked in different countries, in North Africa and Europe, where she has conducted various research and activities on LGBTI issues and women empowerment. Currently, she is part of the EST Working Group on Gender Equality where she is studying the prejudices against trans persons in Europe and how the overcoming of these prejudices can improve gender equality. Antonella is committed in creating inclusive societies and cultures where people are not limited in the expression of their gender identity, gender expressions or sexual orientation.  

Reanne Raymond is from Toronto, Canada, and a Business student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Her passions and hobbies include travelling, learning languages, and participating in triathlons. She is currently one of the research and resource mobilization interns at ESD Global. She is so excited to work with this wonderful team and can’t wait to see what we accomplish this summer!

Erin Hardin is currently working on a dual master’s degree in Conflict Resolution and Coexistence from Brandeis University and International Law and Human Rights from the University for Peace. She lived in Thailand for more than two years as a Youth Development volunteer with the Peace Corps. Though she does not have experience with martial arts, she stays active by swimming. Not only is swimming her favorite sport, it brought her into the world of Special Olympics where she has coached both swimming and track for more than 7 years. She hopes to bring her social work background, her current master’s pursuits, and experience working with people with disabilities to the field of conflict and humanitarian aid. She was first introduced to ESD through a peer at UPeace who organized a Self-Defense class taught by Aude. She is excited about blending her experiences with ESD’s mission and values. 

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