Women’s History Month: Empowerment Self-Defense Making History Now in Latin America

ESD Global's staff in Latin America and the Caribbean are in the streets protesting during Women’s History Month. They are protesting high rates of femicide, disappearing, human trafficking and other affronts to human rights. ESDG is working to spread vital information about self-defense and violence avoidance among women across Latin America and the Caribbean.

ESD Global is always working to provide resources to individuals and communities across the region so that they can create safer and more empowered communities. Recently a Latinx artist, advocate, and ESD graduate, Dayra Fyah, started to work with a filmmaker documenting these issues. As a part of that they are conducting a fundraising campaign for ESD Global’s Latin America and Caribbean Program.

Please watch the video, share the link with social media and email contacts, and donate if you can – even $5 brings us closer to our goal. Here is the link to the campaign.

In just a short time since the launch of the campaign, we’ve raised more than one third of the needed funds to train fifteen Mexican women to be empowerment self-defense instructors in their communities. And, within a year our team in Latin America and the Caribbean will have trained 1,125 women in empowerment self-defense. That’s impact!

Please join us to be a part of community empowerment in Mexico.

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