Welcoming Our First Cohort of ESD Global Fellows

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

We have officially kicked-off our very first ESD Global Fellowship Program!

We are so proud to have such dynamic group of ESD advocates supporting violence-prevention research and programs that increase awareness about the benefits of ESD across the globe.

We’re excited to support this cohort of talented activists who bring a wealth of innovative ideas, energy, and knowledge to our organization. Working directly with ESD Global mentors, ESD Global fellows are involved in a variety of programmatic and technical areas including partnership and resource mobilization, women’s rights and gender issues, communications and advocacy, project development, fundraising and program management.

The ESD Global Fellowship Program is a merit-based scholarship program where selected candidates compete for scholarships that can last up to 24 months and can be renewed on a 6-month basis upon satisfactory performances and proven need from ESD Global. Fellows generally spend six months to two years, depending on the scope of the position, working remotely to provide technical assistance and advice on ESD Global programs, writing research papers, developing organizational strategies and completing other tasks in alignment with ESD Global’s mandate.

Latin America & Caribbean Programs Fellows

Gabriela Lozano is completing her Studies in Gender and Diversity. She has a degree in law, and a certificate in International Cooperation. Gabriela considers herself as the embodiment of contradictions and encounters, in a literal and figurative way. Born with the blood of the oppressors and the oppressed, her body carries many privileges while simultaneously experiencing inequalities and disadvantages. "My passport, degrees, skin color, sexual preference, and other intersections had shaped the way I see and live my reality. Nevertheless, throughout the years, I had been able to find my voice and question what, how, and who defines me. As someone who is very passionate and curious, I believe that the ESD fellowship is the perfect platform and opportunity to combine my passion and personal fights with my work and continuous learning process", says Gabriela.

Carina Aspillaga from Autodefensa Para Mujeres Y Persons en Riego in Chile is an ESD Global Level 2 Instructor, an actress, researcher, and empowerment self-defense instructor for women and vulnerable populations. She has held various training workshops in educational institutions; performing arts, workshops on sexuality, natural gynecology and female empowerment, violence prevention, health workshops and natural medicine, among others. Carina is a director, playwright and performer at the LaWasha Theatre Company in Valparaiso. She is also a menstrual therapist and manager of Obeah Natural Medicine. Carina was awarded a scholarship in 2018 to receive self defense training with ESD Global in Costa Rica. She currently attends Kalaripayattu classes. "Self-defense and empowerment is a tool that decolonial feminism should assume as its own; to occupy it, transmit it, reproduce it, transform it and deal with patriarchal violence," she says.

Africa & Europe Programs Fellows

Antonella Cariello is a SOGI expert and researcher. She holds a MA in International Cooperation and Protection of Human Rights. In her previous experiences, she has worked in different countries, in North Africa and Europe, where she has conducted various research and activities on LGBTI issues and women empowerment. Currently, she is part of the EST Working Group on Gender Equality where she is studying the prejudices against trans persons in Europe and how overcoming these prejudices can improve gender equality. Antonella is committed to creating inclusive societies and cultures where people are not limited in the expression of their gender identity, gender expressions or sexual orientation. She is currently working on ESD Global projects related to research and resource mobilization for the area of North Africa and Eastern Europe.

Joy Muthanje Mwaniki is a development practitioner with two Master’s Degrees in Development Studies and Development Management. She is passionate about working on development interventions that improve quality of life for their beneficiaries. She also enjoys conducting research and developing concrete solutions to development problems. Prior to joining our fellowship program, Joy completed a 3-month internship with ESD Global, supporting the development of ESD Global programs and initiatives under the supervision of her regional internship advisor.

Interested in Applying for a Fellowship with ESD Global?

Applications for the ESD Global Fellowship Program are accepted by invitation only. For questions on the program and application process, please contact our ESD Global Regional Program Managers:

Federica Lacava (Africa & Europe): Federica@esdglobalselfdefense.org

Aude Mulliez (Latin America & the Caribbean): Aude@esdglobalselfdefense.org

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