Nigerian Chiefs Welcome ESD Training in Kurudu, Abuja

ESD Global Graduate Obi Peter, who completed an ESD Global Co-Ed Instructor training in Israel last February, shares exciting news from Nigeria!

As part of a project funded by the EU through the UN Spotlight Initiative aiming at ending violence against girls and women in the world, 20 local chiefs representing different clans and families in Nigeria held a community advocacy meeting pertaining to the delivery of ESD classes.

The visit took place at the Chief Palace in Kurudu Abuja, where the chiefs welcomed the participation of their children, mothers, and even boys and men in ESD training. The sessions will take place at the Chief Palace, reports Obi: "We are finalizing dates, this is a big win for us!”

Obi shares his excitement about this project, explaining that Chiefs are local "kings" with considerable influence in their communities.

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