Introducing Beth Capotosto!

May 9, 2018


It's a pleasure and honor to have Beth Capotosto, ESD Global Camp 2017 participant and lead instructor at Tenacity Self-Defense, visiting the blog today!


Read on for Beth's stories about her journey into the world of empowerment self-defense, her experience at camp, and what she's up to now. 


Welcome, Beth!


Q. Please tell us a bit about how you became involved in the self-defense field. Did you have any experience or training prior to camp?


A. My journey to discovering empowerment self-defense began when I turned thirty. I decided that it was the perfect time to start taking karate lessons. Seven years later, I have my black belt and work as an empowerment self-defense consultant and instructor.


It was during those years training in the dojo that I experienced some very negative interactions with male students. I firmly believed that there had to be a different way to teach women, rather than the “boy’s club” mentalities that most dojo’s offer. So, I decided I was going to figure out what that “way” was.


Eventually, I discovered the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation (NWMAF). I attended their Special Training Camp and experienced first hand how wonderful to be a part of a women-led martial arts training experience for women. I attended a number of ESD courses and was blown away!


This is what I was looking for. This is what’s missing in martial arts school. I decided then and there that this was where my martial arts focus was going to be. They offer a national certification, and I’ve been actively teaching, training and preparing to apply for the past 5 years.


Q. How did you find out about ESD Global, and what drew you to camp?


A. I am always looking for opportunities for professional development as an empowerment self-defense Instructor. I saw a posting for camp in a NWMAF social media group and when I saw that Yudit Sidikman

​was hosting camp, I absolutely had to apply. I had attended a talk by her at the NWMAF Special Training camp the previous year, and she really opened my eyes as to what it truly means to teach empowerment self-defense. I decided at that conference that she is someone I can learn a lot from. So really, it was a no-brainer to apply. I had decided it a year before it was announced!


Q. What was one of the most valuable experiences you had a camp?