What the Trainees are Saying!

We’ve been anticipating and planning for months, but on Monday, July 22nd, we finally began our Level 1 Training in Costa Rica.

Eighteen energetic and motivated women from nine countries are receiving the training they need to bring ESD to their communities and make the world a safer place.

The training is far from over, but here’s what the trainees are saying:

“It’s been really interesting and fun to learn different ways to teach self-defense and how to be a community, more like a tribe and to help other women.”

“I’m learning a lot of the skills that are needed to teach and share ESD with my community and also learning a lot from all the other participants, their experiences, and the projects they’ve worked on.”

“It’s been super intense, but at the same time super interesting and motivating for me. And super empowering.”

“I had all these expectations, but the training has gone above all of them. I can’t say that in other words than this. I was expecting a huge training, and an amazing one. And it’s so much more than that.”

“I was very intimidated by martial arts and physical activity, but since yesterday, I’ve seen skills broken down and I’ve been more comfortable. I’ve become more comfortable with self-awareness and how to manage situations with strangers on the street and various forms of sexual harassment.. I’m confident that by the end of the week, I’ll be equipped with even more techniques and skills. It’s been great so far. I’m energized and I’m excited.”

“The training is powerful and life changing.”

These women are the champions we need for a global transformation and a safer future.

We'd also like to thank The University for Peace and IMPACT Personal Safety for their invaluable partnership.

It’ll be so exciting to see what the rest of the week holds.

Meet our current trainees!


Help the trainees on their journey to building safer communities.

Your contribution to the ESD Global Scholarship Fund makes it possible to bring violence prevention to communities worldwide.

Many communities lack qualified Empowerment Self-Defense instructors, the front line violence prevention strategy for women and girls.

With your help, ESD Global is training new ESD instructors to serve these communities. When you donate to the ESD Global Scholarship Fund, you are helping to train women in a proven violence prevention strategy that can also provide them with income, creating economic empowerment along with increased safety in each community.

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