A Preview of "empowErcaSteD!"

"I need people to help me to save lives."

~ Mariam Kurshudyan, Level 1 Training Graduate

​​We're so excited to announce that later this summer, we'll be launching "empowErcaSteD," a podcast ​​about strong women who are working to make the world a safer place for all of us.

In the meantime, we've got this special preview:

In May 2019, Mariam Kurshudyan, founder of 4femrights.org, attended a Level 1 ESD Instructor Training* in Lesvos, Greece. She's with us today to talk about her experience, and her goal of bringing ESD training to communities in Armenia, including the transgender community.

* The training in Lesvos was conducted in partnership with The Starfish Foundation and El HaLev.

* Help more women like Miriam bring ESD training to their communities. *


Beauty Bites Screening in Armenia!

Lesvos Training Highlight Reel:

Mariam in China:

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