Taking Over the Women Deliver Conference, 2019

This week, ESD Global is in Vancouver, taking over the Women Deliver Conference!

With over 8,000 participants, the event is one of the largest women's conferences in the world.

Women Deliver is “a leading global advocate that champions gender equality and the health and rights of girls and women. Our advocacy drives investment – political and financial – in the lives of girls and women worldwide. We harness evidence and unite diverse voices to spark commitment to gender equality. And we get results. Anchored in sexual and reproductive health, we advocate for the rights of girls and women across every aspect of their lives. We know that investing in girls and women will deliver progress for all." More>>>

Our president, Yehudit Zicklin-Sidikman, and our executive director, Ellen Krause-Grosman, along with Adi Vimner, CFO of El HaLev, have spent the past few days making connections, learning about other organizations, and advocating for Empowerment Self-Defense.

Here are some of the highlights:

Connections Made:

We aren't even going to try to count the business cards we've collected. But that doesn't mean we're going to forget the people we've been talking to!

These are just a few of the wonderful connections we've made:

1. Over the past year, we've been building relationship with Every Woman Everywhere, and it was wonderful to have the chance to reconnect at their booth.

2. We had the chance to catch up with Vikram, the founder of Fightback Nepal. He'll be joining us at this summer's Men's Incubator, and his wife will be joining our Level 1 instructor training.

3. We were so moved by our conversation with Mohamed Sidibay, who grew up as a child soldier in Sierra Leone. He's not an advocate for ending GBV and educating boys.

4. Angela Benedicto told us all about her work with Wotesawa Domestic Workers Organization in Tanzinia)

Self-Defense Is On the Map:

Self-defense made the map! Though it looks small, it's certainly not insignificant.

And then, self-defense appeared again in a workshop led by Plan International.

One woman wrote:

"Teach self-defense. Spread a rumor that all girls are trained."

That's an idea we can get behind. But if we have our way, and we will, we won't need to call it a rumor because all girls WILL be trained.

On her card, Yehudit wrote:

"To learn the skills to protect themselves."

Special Moments:

Absorbing the atmosphere and feeding off of the energy of 8,000 like-minded people was one of the most special aspects of the conference.

But here are just a few of the many moments that will stay with us long after the conference is over.

The Power Party led by Plan International got everybody in the mood to take their activism to the next level:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had a lot to say about gender equality:

And then there were fun moments like this:

Using Our Power For Change:

Throughout the conference, attendees were asked how they were going to use their power to create change, which was not a difficult question for the leaders of ESD Global:

"I will use my power to educate my WD colleagues on how teaching Empowerment Self-Defense skills to their staff and the vulnerable populations they serve can enhance their well-being and safety."

~ Ellen Krause-Grosman

"I will use my power to help my WD colleagues to see how adding ESD into the work they already do for women and girls can reduce both the risk and the trauma of GBV.

It’s time to put ESD into your organizational DNA!​"

~ Yehudit Zicklin-Sidikman

We're so excited for everything that's going to happen between now and next year!

How will you use your power between now at #WD2020?

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