A New Family of Superheroes!

On May 10th, after months of anticipation, Anat Errel and Esti Lifschitz, two extremely talented instructors from El HaLev in Jerusalem, finally arrived in Lesvos, Greece to lead a group of thirteen women from around the globe on their journey into the world of Empowerment Self-Defense.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of the trainees, the hard work of the instructors, and the support of The Starfish Foundation, the week-long training went more smoothly and more successfully than we could have dreamed.

The women involved are now a family of superheroes, ready to put on their figurative, shiny new capes and spread their powers not only to female refugees on the island of Lesvos, but to communities in seven countries.

Here's an inspiring message that Anat shared with the trainees:

"When I want to tell you how was it, at the Empowerment Self-Defense training in Lesvos, Greece, I find there are no words to describe how really in awe we all were, how stunned we felt from all that went there, and how life-changing it was and so full of joy.

Thirteen women, some in their twenties, and already activists, opinionated and full of beliefs and a strong will to change and influence the world. With a strong yearning for more knowledge. Some older, in their fifties, that had already done stuff, and are still open to taking what we have to give them and with it, change the communities they live in.

From different languages and cultures, we created a meaningful, fascinating and fruitful discourse. The energy was high, even at the end of a long week, they still got up and happily reviewed the techniques again and again. The curiosity was endless, the questions were many, and the will to understand and be accurate amazing. There were stories that were never told before, and tears, and plenty of compassion, support and hugging arms.

We became friends. No, we became a family. And there was so much joy and so much laughter.

And thirteen women that received the ESD message went, to give our tools to many other women and will make our world a better place."

The next step in reaching The Starfish Foundation's goal of providing Empowerment Self-Defense training to 300 female refugees is a training in July.

Support the project and help more women "earn their capes" and make the world a better and safer place for all.

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