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A Response to "Kickboxing, Rape, and the Myth of Self-Defense"

In the article “Kickboxing, Rape, and the Myth of Self-Defense,” which appeared on Medium on April 10th, 2019, Lauren McKeon shared that:


“Knowing how to hurt someone did not stop my assault. There is a movement that resurfaces every few years that advocates for women to learn self-defense to avoid being raped. It’s a divisive issue. Some women argue that every tool is worth having if it can stop a rape or sexual assault. Others say we should focus our energies on teaching men not to rape rather than teaching women how to not get raped.”


Later in the article, she also made the point that “Healing is not linear,” which is probably the most profound statement in this article, and I would add that “Violence is on a spectrum.”


As a survivor of rape, more than once, and finally at the hands of a former spouse, and as someone who has committed my life to helping women and girls learn to defend themselves, I can say that not all fighting skills are the same.