Bringing ESD to Latin America

March 20, 2019

​​When we last brought you news about Aude Mulliez, she was hard at work using the skills and tools she gained at ESD Global's very first instructor training to bring ESD to her community in Costa Rica. 


Now that she's established several successful programs in her own community, her vision has grown, and she's doing everything in her power to bring ESD training to communities throughout Central and South America.


Aude is here today to tell us about the invaluable work she's doing.


Welcome, Aude!


Q. Please tell us a bit about what you’ve been up to since attending ESD Global’s instructor training in 2017.


A. After camp, I realized I had something tangible to share with the communities I had had the privilege to work with previously. This was the UN Mandated University for Peace Masters Students, 9 of which were then trained as instructors in 2018. Those who missed the opportunity last year will be going to be trained this year. I believe more women from this global community, that I have the privilege to work with this year will also be going to the instructor trainings in New York, Greece and the one that I am coordinating in Costa Rica.



I've been lucky to learn from Renee Wentz, my mentor from my initial training in 2017. I had the opportunity visit her an