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A Fusion of ESD, Judo, and Indian Culture

December 26, 2018


Hey, Sarah! Last day of the kids with us for the academic year. I am good. I am actually doing two workshops this month with ESD themes interwoven. One is a day workshop on good touch bad touch for primary school children. We will be weaving in consent and setting boundaries verbally and physically. Another is a two-day young women's life skill workshop This is based on the idea we discussed. Will shoot you an email as soon as I get to town with a better network. Hope you are doing great Sarah!”


This happy text from Aswathy, an ESD Global Camp 2018 participant, to her mentor Sarah Gordon-Lavine, an instructor at El HaLev in Jerusalem, was the result of a three-day reunion in Patiala, India, which was made possible by the Keiko Fukuda Judo Foundation and ESD Global.


Since attending camp last August, Aswathy, an educator living on a small, rural island in one of India’s many rivers, has been eager to start teaching ESD.


But she’s faced quite a few roadblocks and challenges, along with resistance.


With the exception of cell phones, most of Aswahty’s remote community live off the grid.


Even more complicated is the role of women in her community. Partner and spousal abuse is expected and getting hit is the norm, which adds to the already challenging task of recruiting women to participate in ESD training.


But she’s determined to succeed, especially because so many of the children on the island will eventually be moving to more urban areas, and she’s decided that their ESD training will need to include skills for urban living.


Luckily, some of Aswathy’s burdens were lifted after the three-days with her mentor.


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