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"I Didn't Scream Because You Didn't Teach Me How"

December 6, 2018

There is hardly any funding allocated to sexual violence prevention in educational institutions and work environments. A senior advisor in one NGO stated, “There is no governmental support and contributors prefer to distribute tablets to people with disabilities.”

It was midnight on Arlozorov Street in Tel Aviv, and the street was empty. Rachel and her friends walked towards the bus stop. Due to construction, they had to jump over a fence and walk through a narrow dark part of the sidewalk. Suddenly, a voice called out to them. 

They ignored it, but the voice kept getting stronger and the person whose voice it was made what he wanted to do to them and to their bodies very clear. "I can't even repeat what he said because it was so disgusting,” Rachel stated, "but his intentions were very clear." 

They started to increase their pace, but the man, who had a bag with a bottle of alcohol in it, was faster. They arrived at the bus stop and there was nowhere else for them to continue. The man that was getting closer continued to yell, untying and pulling down his pants. 

Rachel realized this was the time to do something: "I looked at him and yelled with all my strength, 'Leave. US. Alone!! GO. AWAY!!!’" He continued to come closer, Rachel continues, but her continued screams alerted someone across the street who came and stayed with them until the man left. 

"From the basic details and how it ended, it doesn't sound like it was that bad." Rachel says. "But this man was really drunk and drugged and I told myself I would not be leaving with another #MeToo story. I know that because I wasn't scared I managed to stop the situation before it got to an awful place. My friend hasn’t stopped thinking about what could have happened if I hadn't been there and hadn't reacted that way.



The only reason Rachel knew how to scream with all of her strength at the right moment and not to freeze or try to run away, like most of us would have done as a result of our instincts, is because the first thing you learn in “IMPACT," an