Invitation to Sign The Every Woman Treaty

​​​​“I stand for a life free from all forms of violence for every woman and girl, everywhere. I hereby join the call for a Global Treaty to Eradicate Violence Against Women and Girls.”

~ Every Woman Treaty

​​Dear Friends and Supporters,

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to the signing of The Every Woman Treaty, which will take place at the El HaLev Center in Jerusalem on November 27th, 2018.

The objective of the treaty, written by the Every Woman Everywhere Coalition (EEC), is to mobilize and execute an international campaign to create a comprehensive and legally-binding set of laws and mandates designed to prevent violence against women and girls through four areas of focus:

1. Reforming laws to eradicate violence against women

and girls.

2. Implementing interventions through health, justice, and

security professionals who serve survivors, such as

judges, police, doctors, and nurses.

3. Providing services to survivors of violence.

4. Enacting prevention education campaigns based on

rigorous evidence of effectiveness.

While all four areas of the treaty are invaluable and important, those of us in the empowerment self-defense field are particularly excited to see violence prevention education recognized as a vital part of the solution.

For the past fifteen years, we at El HaLev have been collecting knowledge and developing a system of violence prevention education designed to function as a series of inoculations that protect children from violence; developmentally appropriate tools that reflect the stages of growing from total dependence on adults, to independence.

We know our system works. We’ve heard the success stories first-hand and witnessed the many ways in which ESD has changed the lives of the girls, teens and women we’ve taught.

We also know that empowerment self-defense, as we teach it here in Israel and as it’s being taught around the world, is one of the most researched systems of violence prevention, and proven to be effective.

The time has come for the value and effectiveness of empowerment self-defense to be recognized at the government level, and the Every Woman Treaty is an opportunity for global communities to unite and create worldwide social change through legal reform and education.

We are looking forward to hosting the EEC as they join us in Jerusalem immediately after the treaty signing in Jordan, and are proud to be collaborating with a fellow organization that shares our deep-seated belief in empowering women and girls of all ages through educational programs on violence prevention.

We hope you’ll join us, in person or virtually, as we raise our voices and say:

“We are done waiting.

We are tired of waiting for change.

Of waiting for laws to change.

Of waiting for men to change.

Of waiting for violence to stop.”

Your signature on the treaty is a step towards eradicating the global epidemic of violence towards women and girls.


Yehudit Zicklin-Sidikman

President and Founder, ESD Global

CEO and Co-Founder, El HaLev

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