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In Praise of Setting Boundaries

August 23, 2018

I have seen the next stage of the revolution, and it’s going to be led by awesome, empowered women. 


That’s how I felt at the end of ESD Camp 2018.  I came to camp after spending more than half my life training in martial arts, already a strong believer in the idea that women can become powerful in the world using physical training as a base. Training made a major difference in my life and now that I’m getting old — I was the oldest woman at camp — it’s important to me that other women know how they can use their bodies not just to keep themselves safe, but also to push their ways into the halls of power.


The young women at camp — not to mention the middle-aged women — did not let me down. The last time I found myself surrounded by so many powerful women ready to jump into the next thing was at a special training for Aikido women black belts held in honor of International Women’s Day — forty-five women, each with many years of training behind them. And that was just one day, not a whole week!


While our camp included many experienced martial artists, including champions in sport forms and more than a few others who’d been