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ESD in the "Age of Wisdom"


I have had the privilege of teaching empowerment self-defense to quite a few groups of people who have reached the "age of wisdom." Funny enough, I feel like I learned a lot more from them than I taught, but maybe that is ok.


Mostly, I’ve learned a lot about resiliency. The collections of self-defense tools that people have developed by the time they’ve reached 70 never cease to amaze me.


When I’m working with a group of senior citizens, the feelings in the room are so palpable as we go around and share “success stories.”


Women, while sad for needing to use whatever tools they needed to use to defend themselves, look back on their lives with a clear understanding that “this is what I needed to do and so I did it,” and they enjoy connection to their “inner lioness.”


Men often share a tortured feeling of “I would have…..but I no longer can.” In a self-defense class, they finally have the opportunity to talk