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Bringing ESD to Costa Rica

June 8, 2018

At ESD Global, we believe very strongly in “the power of one.” Our entire model is based on our belief that one woman has the power to impact one community, and that one community has the power to lead to worldwide social change.


Aude Mulliez is definitely an example of the power of one. After attending last year’s camp, she went back to her community in Costa Rica, where she has been hard at work teaching empowerment self-defense.


As a result, nine women from Aude’s program at The UN University for Peace will be at camp this summer.Aude is here today to tell us about her experience.


Welcome, Aude!


Q. You’ve been involved in what you’ve described as a “women’s solidarity movement” for a while now. Please tell us a bit about that


A. Great question. I think this is best described through an anecdote:


One day, I was with a friend and we entered a public space, a ruin of an amphitheater, known for its ancient architectural design that amplifies sound. Spontaneously, a young woman took the center and recited a monologue. 


All the visitors quieted down as we were finally able to understand the architectural amplification. Another woman followed in her place. Once they finished, the few visitors and myself applauded their efforts and I told my friend, “Those women are goddesses.” My friend expressed to me that her first reaction was judgement towards these women, a negative judgement towards her observation that these women were “