Get to Know Our Executive Director, Ellen Krause-Grosman

May 24, 2018


We are delighted to have our executive director, Ellen Krause-Grosman, visiting the blog today. She's here to tell you about some of ESD Global's hopes and goals, and give you a behind the scenes look at what we're working on.


Welcome, Ellen!


Q. What, in your opinion, is the most important reason that empowerment self-defense training needs to become as accessible as CPR certification and swimming lesson? Why does ESD deserve to have its own global movement?


A. Empowerment Self-Defense needs its own global movement because it is the one proven intervention that works to:


  • Reduces the incidence of gender-based violence by up to 50%,

  • Increases a woman or girl’s chance of deescalating a bad situation before it turns violent,

  • Provides women and girls with the tools to end a physical assault,

  • Reduces the time it takes for survivors of violence to heal because they know they did everything they could to protect themselves,

  • Increases women and girl’s self-esteem and efficacy in all of their endeavors including academics and social relationships


Add this intervention can be taught locally and cost effectively by trained women in 12 – 20 hours in communities worldwide.


Empowerment self-defense is to women's empowerment as exercise and good nutrition are to good health.


It is a must.


Q. ESD Global is a relatively new organization. What are some of your goals for the organazion as a whole? What are you looking forward to as we watch the organization grow?

A. Our goals are to grow a movement to scale access to empowerment self-defense classes globally and to provide a professional organization for ESD instructors and practitioners. 


In August we will run our 2nd camp to train ESD instructors.