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ESD Global | Africa

Empowerment Self-Defense gives us the power to choose how to respond to violence, without judgement or victim blaming. It empowers us to be in command of our minds, body and spirit.

Our Vision

ESD Global envisions a world where people can live safe, violence-free lives.

Our Mission

ESD Global's mission is to establish Empowerment Self-Defense (ESD) as the key violence prevention strategy for women and vulnerable populations worldwide. 

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A Message From ESD Global Team

In the past year, we have witnessed global movements led by people claiming their rights as citizens and demanding the end of systemic inequalities, poverty and injustice one more time. 

From End SARS protests in Nigeria, to the Black Lives Matter movement in the USA, to legislation protests in Hong Kong to abortion rights marches in Argentina, governments have been held accountable from the civil society demanding equal rights for all. 

However, the toughest challenge was yet to come in the form of a global pandemic, taking an horrific toll on individuals and vulnerable communities and hampering the fight for human rights and gender equality. 

While at ESD Global, all of our in-person trainings had to stop because of COVID-19, the struggles faced by the communities we serve continued at higher rates than before.   

We had to rethink how to assist the most discriminated and marginalised individuals in times of crisis and develop innovative resilient strategies to address their needs. The crisis has helped us recognize our privileges but also obliged us to rethink how can we best serve and support our partners and beneficiaries.  

Despite the global pandemic, ESD Global was able in 2020 to launch its programme in Africa.  In February 2020 we succeeded in training our first ever ESD Global African cohort, 15 participants from 7 different African countries were certified as Level 1 Empowerment Self-Defense Instructors, bringing knowledge and experience back to their countries to empower local women and children. At the same time, we were also able to launch our first Violence Prevention Education Conference (VPEC) with leaders from different African countries ready to discuss methods and tolls for vulnerable populations to navigate the world from a safe and empowered space. 

A special COVID-19 response was also designed to provide free online trainings to new partners in Northern and sub-Saharan Africa who were affected by the crisis and in need to learn self-defense skills. 

We were able to train beneficiaries from organizations working to end FGM and child marriage, defending the rights of people with disabilities and albinism, activist from the LGBTIQ+ movements, feminists from women’s organizations working hard to achieve gender equality in their countries and those who assist victims of acid violence, among others. In 2020 we are proud of having been able to deliver over 206.5 hours of ESD training to 1038 direct beneficiaries across Africa. 

Currently a team of 3 strong women is implementing ESD Global core mandate in Africa, and we are committed to ensuring that our work reflects our intersectional feminist values of diversity, inclusion, equity, empathy and transparency using a human rights-based approach. Ultimately, we work to create that deep, societal transformation that is much needed in our communities, territories, regions and beyond regarding violence prevention and women empowerment.   

We are excited to share our first annual report with you, to reflect on what change means to us, and to share how in 2020 we carried out our work to change norms and break power inequalities practices. We welcome challenges that make us grow as individuals and as a team and are ready in 2021 to go beyond sharing what we’ve learnt, and create an opportunity for our beneficiaries to share their empowering stories in their own powerful voices. 

Four Strategic Areas

Capacity Building

Capacity building: Facilitating and providing opportunities for learning and exchanges through in-person ESD training of trainers and a 2-year mentorship program.


Online & In Person Training

Online and in-person trainings: Providing free online and in-person ESD trainings for grassroots organizations in Africa working on violence prevention. 



Outreach & Partners Engagement

Outreach and partners engagement: Establishing and strengthening our presence in 15 African countries in Northern and sub-Saharan Africa.

Institution Building

Institution building: Initiate ESD institutional building through innovating feminist model and a participatory and inclusive approach.



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Thank You

ESD Global Africa holds deep love, gratitude and solidarity to the entire ESD Global community - including Staff, Consultants, Fellows, Instructors, Advisors, Mentors, Board Members and Private Donors, who joined forces with us in fighting all forms of gender-based violence.  

Mostly, we wish to thank our ESD Graduates from the African continent for their commitment, drive and their continuous efforts towards building safer communities. We would not have been able to achieve our regional goals without their tireless efforts.  

We change and we grow as part of the global feminist movement built through participation, voice and expertise. Thank you to all those who have been a part of starting this journey of transformation across Africa. 

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ESD Global is a US-based nonprofit organization (NGO) that envisions a world where people can live safe, violence-free lives.  ESD Global is dedicated to making Empowerment Self-Defense (ESD) accessible around the world through increasing public awareness of its profound benefits.








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